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Eagle Power is proud to be the locals chosen electrician in Cromer. We have been servicing Cromer for over 30 years with some of our electricians based this way. We have gained a strong reputation amongst the people in Cromer through our quality of work, customer experience ethics, and always being reliable. Scroll through this page to view our services, reviews, and the reasons why the locals of Cromer choose Eagle Power to be their electrician!

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Our Electrician Services

We provide all general and specialised electrical solutions for all building complexes which include residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. You’re more than welcome to have a look at all of our electrical services to see what type of solution is best suited for your project in Cromer.

Below are some of the electrical and lighting solutions we provide. We also offer all electrical and lighting repairs and maintenance for all sectors.


We are a leading provider of residential electrical solutions in the Cromer. Our team is dedicated to providing quality and reliable services to the locals of Cromer. As some of our electricians are based in the surrounding suburbs of Cromer, we can guarantee we will be able to provide a fast and efficient service.

As certified and insured electricians, we obtain the extensive training and knowledge in dealing with all electrical situations, while ensuring that all of our work adheres to Australian electrical standards and codes at need to be implemented in all jobs completed in Cromer.

You can trust us to deliver quality and reliable service and have a peace of mind that your needs are in capable hands of Cromer's best electricians!

We provide services for new building projects and extensions, renovations, smart automation, EV charging, data and communications, all general electrical solutions, and more!


Whether you own a business, or run a educational facility, hospital, or government department, our team has the experience to find the best solutions that meet your specific requirements in your project.

We run our company on a customer-first approach on all projects to ensure communication is on point, and that our clients expectations are understood and met on each and every project.

Commercial projects are complex in their nature due to the various solutions and requirements that are involved within commercial buildings. Fortunately, we have over 30 years of electrical experience in Cromer to guide you on the best and most effective solutions for your commercial project.

We provide all electrician services for offices, schools and universities, hospitals, shopping centres, strata maintenance, cool rooms, emergency lighting, factories and warehouses, data centres, and more! Call us for your next commercial project in Cromer!


Our team is very well versed within the industrial sector. We have completed numerous amounts of electrical and lighting solutions in factories and warehouses.

Industrial complexes in Cromer are often expansive, housing heavy machinery and extensive electrical systems that demand robust and reliable power solutions. Luckily for the locals in Cromer, Eagle Power's team of electricians are experienced and skilled within the industrial sector.

We have installed, maintained, and repaired high-voltage equipment and systems to ensure seamless operations.

We provide all industrial electrician services for factories and warehouses, data centres, emergency lighting, cool rooms, strata maintenance, all general repairs and maintenance for, and more!

Feel free to reach out to Cromer's favourite industrial electricians!

Level 2

Our Level 2 ASP electricians are equipped to provide all general, specialised, and make-safe services. We are trained to handle all types of emergencies and electrical hazards. We are available 24/7 as we understand electrical emergencies can happen at any point during the day and night.

We provide a large range of specialised and general electrical duties for all residential, commercial, and industrial complexes in Cromer that need to have a Level 2 ASP electrician.

Often, the duties that are required for a Level 2 electrician are installation and repair of overhead and underground services, metering services, fusing and de-fusing, upgrading electrical installations, temporary supply services, fault finding and repairs, all damage related repairs. and more!

We are well experienced in this side of the electrical industry and are more than happy to help all the locals of Cromer with their needs!

What Sydney Locals Say About Us!

Talija Hrnjak
Talija Hrnjak
Highly recommend, great electricians and always very efficient!
Vanessa Ball
Vanessa Ball
Eagle Power are undoubtedly the most professional and knowledgeable electricians we have ever used. They rewired our whole house in record time as promised. These guys are on time every time and their communication is on point. I would highly recommend them for all big and small jobs.
Dan Kovacevic
Dan Kovacevic
Fantastic work from the team at Eagle Power. Extremely professional, knowledgeable and efficient workers. Will definitely keep the number saved for next time!
Filip Paunovic
Filip Paunovic
Excellent service and very professional, rewired my house, new electric box and connection from street, crew that does it all. Very tidy work and efficient. Highly recommend
anya zeljak
anya zeljak
Highly recommend for a reliable and quality electrician
Natalia Vumbaca
Natalia Vumbaca
Great workmanship and lovely boys. I will continue to use them for all my electrical needs around the house.
Luka Cvijetic
Luka Cvijetic
Great work. Very professional, tidy, and on time!
Paul Baxter
Paul Baxter
Always great service

Why Cromer Chooses Eagle Power?

Customer Service

We understand that customer service involved building genuine relationships with clients through strong communication and personalised services, as we strongly believe in obtaining long-term clients.

We always keep our clients informed throughout the project, providing clear explanations and regular updates to ensure transparency and trust are implemented in our services.

We provide prompt and responsive communication with our clients that have any questions or issues that arise to ensure a positive and satisfying experience with us.

If you are based in Cromer and are looking for an electrician that cares, then call us!

Expertise and Quality

With over 30 years experience and Level 2 ASP qualifications, you can rest assured that your new electrician is highly skilled and qualified.

Our team obtains extensive experience across all sectors including residential, commercial, and industrial complexes.

Our electricians can handle everything from basic electrical and lighting repairs to complex installations in all sectors. We ensure that our clients receive quality, efficient, effective, and relaiable services every single time.

We have completed various jobs in Cromer and can assure you that our electricians can handle all jobs that are required.

Affordable Pricing

With the cost of living skyrocketing in Australia, we try our very best to keep our pricing affordable for the locals in Cromer, without compromising on the quality of products and services we provide.

We provide transparent, detailed quotes that break down the costs, ensuring our clients know exactly what they are paying for in terms of the costs and the labour involved. We even provide flexible pricing options to help accommodate various budgets.

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