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Our Extensive Commercial Services That Our Electricians Provide

Emergency Lighting

Typically include the installation, maintenance, and repair of lighting systems that are specifically designed to provide illumination in the event of a power outage or emergency. This may include battery-powered exit signs, emergency lighting fixtures, and other specialised lighting systems that are critical for maintaining safety and occupants' evacuation.

We have completed many emergency lighting jobs in large buildings, especially in Sydney CBD, to comply with New South Wales electrical codes and standards.

Strata Maintenance

Upkeep and repair of electrical systems within multi-unit buildings, such as apartments, and townhouses, to ensure they operate efficiently and safely. This includes inspections, testing, and maintenance of wiring, lighting, and other electrical components to prevent potential hazards and address any issues promptly.

We constantly work with individuals and real estate companies to keep properties up-to-date with standards and codes within the electrical industry.


Hospital electrical services are an essential part of ensuring the safe, efficient, and reliable operation of hospitals. Hospital electrical services include specialised electrical design and installation services, lighting design and installation, power distribution systems, medical equipment wiring, security and access control, and emergency backup power systems. With these services, hospitals can ensure that critical systems, operate without interruption.

We comply with the strict electrical standards and codes that hospitals and other government branches have to abide by.



Our electrical services for offices and office buildings include installing, maintaining, and upgrading wiring, outlets, and all lighting systems to support a variety of office equipment and devices and the building as a whole. We ensure that the electrical infrastructure can handle all the power usage of the office's supplies including computers, servers, and communication systems.

We also set up and maintain security systems, emergency lighting, and energy-efficient electrical solutions to reduce costs and improve sustainability.

Cool Rooms

Electrical services for commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. We specialise in designing, installing, and maintaining electrical systems for cool rooms, walk-in fridges, freezers, and other refrigerated facilities.

A range of electrical services, including wiring and electrical installation, testing and commissioning, repairs and maintenance, and emergency breakdown services.

Shopping Centres

A wide range of electrical services specifically designed to cater to the electrical needs of shopping centres. These services are aimed at ensuring the safety, and reliability of the electrical systems of the shopping centre and providing a comfortable shopping experience.

Services typically included are electrical maintenance, lighting installation, security and access control, power distribution and emergency backup power.

Schools & Universities

We have completed numerous work in schools and universities and have performed a variety of tasks to ensure a safe, efficient, and up-to-date electrical infrastructure. Tasks have included installing, maintaining, and repairing wiring, lighting, and electrical outlets across classrooms, laboratories, and common areas. In addition, we have also upgraded electrical panels to support modern technology, ensure compliance with safety codes, and integrate energy-efficient solutions.

We have set up and maintained advanced systems like computer networks, security systems, and emergency lighting. We can complete any project no matter how big or small for your school and/or university.

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