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Level 2 Electrician

Our Electricians Are Level 2 Certified And Can Provide An Array Of Specialised Services

General Specialised Tasks

Our Level 2 ASP electricians can perform a wide range of specialised tasks that are only carried out by Level 2 licensed electricians. Below are a number of different duties that are typically carried out, they include but are not limited to:

- Installation and Repair of Overhead and Underground Services
- Connecting and Disconnect from the Network
- Metering Services
- Fusing and De-fusing
- Upgrading Electrical Installations
- Temporary Supply Services
- Fault Finding and Repairs
- Installation of Private Poles


Level 2 work also falls under all electrical insurance duties. Our Level 2 ASP electricians have completed numerous jobs where electrical damage and/or failures have been involved due to environmental or accidental causes. Some of these insurance duties that are carried out typically include but are not limited to:

- Storm Damage Repairs
- Water Damage Repairs
- Electrical Fault Repairs
- Accident Damage Repairs
- Fire Damage Repairs
- Construction Damage Repairs
- Vandalism Repairs

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