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What Industrial Electrical Services Are Included From Our Electricians

Factory | Warehouse

Factories and warehouses have unique electrical requirements, and it is essential to ensure that their electrical systems are designed, installed, and maintained to the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and reliability. Some of the key electrical services that are required for factories and warehouses include Electrical Design and Installation, Machinery Wiring, Electrical Maintenance, Energy Management, and Emergency Backup Power.

We have completed various lighting solutions across New South Wales for factories and warehouses, the most common lighting solutions we have seen are they high bay fixtures.

Emergency Lighting

Typically include the installation, maintenance, and repair of lighting systems that are specifically designed to provide illumination in the event of a power outage or emergency. This may include battery-powered exit signs, emergency lighting fixtures, and other specialised lighting systems that are critical for maintaining safety and occupants' evacuation.

We have completed many emergency lighting jobs in large buildings, especially in Sydney CBD, to comply with New South Wales electrical codes and standards.

Strata Maintenance

Upkeep and repair of electrical systems within multi-unit buildings, such as apartments, and townhouses, to ensure they operate efficiently and safely. This includes inspections, testing, and maintenance of wiring, lighting, and other electrical components to prevent potential hazards and address any issues promptly.

We constantly work with individuals and real estate companies to keep properties up-to-date with standards and codes within the electrical industry.

Data Centres

We ensure a robust and reliable electrical infrastructure for data centres. Typically, our work includes installing and maintaining high-capacity wiring, power distribution units, and backup power systems to prevent downtime. We also manage the electrical systems that protect sensitive equipment from electrical surges and interference.

Our electricians perform regular inspections and maintenance to detect potential issues before they lead to problems while also integrating energy-efficient solutions and cooling systems to optimise performance and reduce costs that ensure the data centre remains secure and efficient.

Cool Rooms

Electrical services for commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. We specialise in designing, installing, and maintaining electrical systems for cool rooms, walk-in fridges, freezers, and other refrigerated facilities.

A range of electrical services, including wiring and electrical installation, testing and commissioning, repairs and maintenance, and emergency breakdown services.

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