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We have been servicing the Northern Beaches for over 30 years and are proud to be people’s electrician in the Northern Beaches. We have gained a reputation through our quality workmanship, high level of service, and affordable pricing. Some of our electricians are based in the Northern Beaches, so we can guarantee that we will be on time and efficient for all projects no matter how big or small. 

Northern Beaches Best Electrician

The Northern Beaches has a dynamic landscape full of hills, scenic beaches, lush greenery, and large complexes in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. From powering hillside homes and eco-friendly buildings, to ensuring seamless energy supply to beachfront properties, this demands specialised electrical solutions to ensure safety, efficiency, and reliability.

Due to our experience in servicing the Northern Beaches, our team is well equipped with the knowledge and skills to address challenges such as varying elevation levels, and moisture and corrosion control. Our experience in the Northern Beaches is vast and we have completed all kinds of electrical solutions to the public including:
If you’re looking for a quality and reliable electrician, we’re your guy!

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Talija Hrnjak
Talija Hrnjak
Highly recommend, great electricians and always very efficient!
Vanessa Ball
Vanessa Ball
Eagle Power are undoubtedly the most professional and knowledgeable electricians we have ever used. They rewired our whole house in record time as promised. These guys are on time every time and their communication is on point. I would highly recommend them for all big and small jobs.
Dan Kovacevic
Dan Kovacevic
Fantastic work from the team at Eagle Power. Extremely professional, knowledgeable and efficient workers. Will definitely keep the number saved for next time!
Filip Paunovic
Filip Paunovic
Excellent service and very professional, rewired my house, new electric box and connection from street, crew that does it all. Very tidy work and efficient. Highly recommend
anya zeljak
anya zeljak
Highly recommend for a reliable and quality electrician
Natalia Vumbaca
Natalia Vumbaca
Great workmanship and lovely boys. I will continue to use them for all my electrical needs around the house.
Luka Cvijetic
Luka Cvijetic
Great work. Very professional, tidy, and on time!
Paul Baxter
Paul Baxter
Always great service

Some Of Our Electrician Services

For a more in depth presentation of all of our services, visit our electrician services page and navigate your way through to find what best suits your needs! 


We are a leading provider of residential electrical services in the Northern Beaches. Our team is dedicated to providing speedy and responsive service for all of our clients.

As licensed and qualified electricians, we possess extensive training and expertise in handling all electrical situations, while ensuring that all of our work adheres to Australian electrical standards and codes.

You can trust us to deliver high-quality service and have a peace of mind that your needs are in capable hands of Northern Beaches best electricians!

We provide services for new building projects and extensions, renovations, smart automation, EV charging, data and communications, and all general electrical solutions including repairs and maintenance.

Commercial and Industrial

Whether you own a business, or run a educational facility, hospital, or government department, we strive to find the best solutions that meet your specific requirements.

We use a unique customer-first approach on all projects to ensure client expectations are understood and met on each and every project. Commercial & industrial projects are often complex and can involve many various aspects within a project. Fortunately, we have over 30 years of experience in the Northern Beaches to guide you on the best and most cost-effective solutions for your commercial or industrial project.

We provide all electrician services for offices, schools and universities, hospitals, shopping centres, strata maintenance, cool rooms, emergency lighting, factories and warehouses, data centres, and more.

Level 2

Our team is equipped to provide make-safe services. We are trained to handle all types of emergencies, including electrical hazards, and we will work tirelessly to restore normalcy as quickly as possible

We can perform a wide range of specialised electrical duties for all residential, commercial, and industrial complexes in the Northern Beaches. The duties include are installation and repair of overhead and underground services, connecting and disconnect from the network, metering services, fusing and de-fusing, upgrading electrical installations, temporary supply services, fault finding and repairs, installation of private poles, and all damage related repairs.

Trust us to be there for you when you need us the most. You are more than welcome to contact your insurance company and refer our services to assist you with your emergency.

Why The Locals Of Northern Beaches Choose Eagle Power?


Our team is committed to show respect to clients through a positive attitude, clear communication, and maintaining cleanliness.


By embodying these principles, our electricians not only performs their technical duties effectively but also build trust and satisfaction with clients, leading to positive relationships and a strong professional reputation.

If you are looking for a courteous and polite electrician that will clean up thoroughly after himself, then Eagle Power Group can supply exactly that!

Experienced and Skilled

We have over 30 years experience with Level 2 qualifications, meaning you have just come across a quality electrician. Through our experience and skills that we offer, we ensure safety, efficiency, and quality in all of our work that we carry out.

Our team have the expertise to handle complex tasks, reduce risk of errors, and diagnose and fix issues quickly.

We ensure we implement durable and reliable electrical systems that will last, providing a peace of mind to our clients and potentially saving money on future repairs or upgrades.

On Time

As some of our electricians are local residents of the Northern Beaches, we pride ourselves on being able to commitment to being on time to all of our jobs for our clients.

From the moment you discuss an agreed time for your appointment with is, we will be there! If you want a dependable, timely electrician that you can count on, choose us!

Stocked Vehicles

We understand the importance of efficiency and preparedness, which is why our fleet of vehicles are always fully stocked with the necessary tools, materials, and equipment to get the job done! We don’t like wasting half our day on the road getting supplies.

This allows us to be prepared to handle any electrical issues that may arise on the spot, and ensures that we can provide prompt and effective service.

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